Voice Overs and Audiobook Narration

Looking for a deep resonant voice? Give me a try!

Voice Over

Versatile, accomplished voice over professional with a deep authoritative tonal quality and wide-ranging sound.

  • Fully edited, mastered and produced for commercial, e-learning, corporate, radio, advertising projects
  • My goal is to develop a special relationship with the listener, making every audio image a transporting experience.
  • Your message is my message to your commercial, audiobook, radio play, documentary, and corporate listeners.

My Commitment

I am committed to my craft and dedicated to excellent audio performance.  I believe you will find me fun, easy to work with and have a deep voice while attentive to your audiences needs and requirements.



Professional, versatile, deep male voice to narrate your masterpiece.

Fully edited, mastered, and produced narrations for all genres of written work.

  • Not just reading — I bring life to a story or message, adding nuance and a distinct personality to every vocal expression and every character.  
  • You will find my voice as welcoming, calm, clear, and sublime, or forceful as needed. 
  • My voice can be authoritative but warm, lending a bit of gravitas to your story.

Listen to My Demo Sound Bytes


Ford Trucks ™

Kubota ™

Magic Mesh ™

Small sound byte for Magic Mesh commercial

Onewheel GT ™


Costa Rica Real Estate Investment Podcast

This is an opening sound byte for the podcast

Oanda Project

Updated 08/07/2022
Podcast Announcement
(Very Short)


I’m so darn busy working on other voice projects that I haven’t had time to post a great example sound byte in this category.



Once again, I’m very busy vocalizing other projects. If you are interested in my audiobook demos please reach out to me and I will share with you a bit of what I’m working on.